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Did you know that California has the 15th lowest drug overdose mortality rate in the entire country? According to Trust for America’s Health, California scored 8 out of 10 on a policy report card aimed at curbing prescription drug abuse. The majority of drug overdose deaths come from prescription drugs, and that number continues to multiply across the United States. In California, that number has increased by 31 percent since 1999.

Drug abuse and possession can result in a variety of drug charges. If you or a loved one are dealing with a drug arrest of any kind, Cut Loose Bail Bonds is here to help. Our team of licensed professionals is not passing judgment on anyone, and we don’t deal with whether someone is guilty or innocent. It’s our job to simply give you your freedom back. So, if you’re needing help with drug charge bail in Roseville, CA or the surrounding area, contact us right away at 916-663-2245. A drug arrest doesn’t have to keep you locked up behind bars until your court date.

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Cut Loose Bail BondsĀ gets people out of jail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re always on call and can get to your location quickly. If you’re facing a drug charge, the amount of bail will likely depend on whether this was considered a “serious” amount or type of drug. If it’s a felony drug charge or a repeat offense, the drug charge bail could be set much higher.

As soon as we’re contacted about a drug arrest, we will get started on the paperwork to ensure that you or your loved one is out of jail as quickly as possible. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built for drug charge bail in Roseville, CA and the surrounding area.

We don’t do a credit check on most bonds, and we have the lowest legal rates in California. We also accept all major credit cards. Contact us at 916-663-2245 to speak with an experienced, licensed bail agent instead of an answering service. We’re here to help with all your drug charge bail needs in Roseville, CA.