Types of Bail Bonds in Roseville, CA

Bail Types Under the American Justice System

The United States Justice Systems Provides the Opportunity for Several Different Types of Bail.

In most cases, the justice system allows a defendant to get out of jail in between the time of the arrest and the court date. There are various ways to gain freedom; sometimes the person is simply released on his or her own recognizance. In the event that a bail amount is set in order to get out of jail — and the person can’t afford to pay the full amount — a surety bond is the best option. This is when a bail bonds agency steps in and pays the bail amount for the person, and in turn, receives a percentage (normally 10 percent) of the amount from the client. As a local bail bondsman, Cut Loose Bail Bonds offers services for several different types of bail in Roseville, CA.

Different Types of Bail We Post

While there may be extenuating circumstances that might cause the judge to decide not to post bail, generally speaking bail can be posted in most cases. The staff at Cut Loose Bail Bonds offers expert knowledge and advice on all types of bail in Roseville, CA.  If you would like more information about how to post bail for you or a loved one, click on the pages below.  You can also contact our office at 916-663-2245.

  • Assault Bail Assualt is the attempt to physically harm another person, while battery is actually doing physical harm to another person.
  • Drug Charge Bail The amount of bail for a drug charge is determined based on the amount and type of drug involved in the case.
  • DUI Bail The legal limit for blood alcohol content is .08 percent. Anything beyond this could result in DUI charges.
  • Felony Bail If you have been taken into custody on suspicion of a felony, we can help you post bail.
  • Misdemeanor Bail If you have been taken into you custody on a misdemeanor crime, you might have a lower bail price.
  • Theft Charge We can help post bail for both grand theft and petty theft arrests.
  • Weapons Violation Our company is here to help you or a loved one in custody on charges of weapons violations.

At Cut Loose Bail Bonds, our goal is to make the bail process understandable and easy for our clients. We have high standards in this industry; there are certain times in which our profession is seen in a negative light due to bonds agencies that lack such standards. If you use our services, you’re guaranteed to receive the highest in customer service.

To learn more about the types of bail bonds in Roseville, CA and the surrounding area, give us a call right away. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week — and you won’t get an answering service when you call. One of our licensed agents will pick up the phone and get started on your case immediately.

The bail-out process

Do You Know the Different Types of Bail

Our Staff Offer Services to Post Many Different Types of Bail.

When defendants are out on bail, they can remain free as long as they stay out of trouble (meaning no other laws are broken during this time). That could include certain restrictions that are imposed by the court. Let’s say someone has been charged with domestic violence. If the court orders that he or she does not have any contact with the alleged victim, but the defendant has contact anyway, bail will be revoked.

Have you ever wondered how the bail amount is set? There are several factors that go into it, but the presiding judge will generally start with what is standard in California for any particular crime. Other factors include whether the person has strong ties to the community; how severe the crime is; and how likely it is that the person will commit another crime while free. If the person can’t pay bail (or even a percentage by using a bail bonds agency), he or she will sit in jail until the court date comes around. This could take weeks or months.

Do you need help with making bail for someone or have more questions about the various types of bail bonds in Roseville, CA? Cut Loose Bail Bonds is available around the clock to get the process started. Call us immediately!