Should I Bail Them Out?

It’s hard to see a loved one spend time in jail. While you may have the option to bail them out, you owe it to them and yourself to answer some difficult questions first. Consider these questions before you post bail for a friend or family member.

What is the Nature of the Crime?


A Justice Scale in a Courtroom

Weigh the Risks when Posting Bail for a Loved One and Learn about all Mandated Court Appearances.

Before running to their aid, find out what crime your loved one has been accused of. For felony charges, posting bail can be very expensive. Make sure that you can afford the price of the bail before you agree to pay or co-sign.

What are the Details of the Hearing?

Find out the date, time and location of all mandatory appearances. Know the time investment you’ll need to make to ensure your loved one will arrive on time to all court appointments. Many of these details can be learned in pre-trial or in your local county clerk’s office. If possible, try to minimize your personal risk by driving or accompanying your loved one to any scheduled court appearances.

What is my Risk?

Bail isn’t cheap. While bonds have made posting bail more affordable, there is still significant risk involved (especially if the defendant is a flight-risk). When you agree to cover bail for a loved one, you choose to risk having to pay the full price of bail. If you chose to sign away possessions or property as collateral for the bail bond, you could also potentially lose these.

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