How to Succeed on Probation


Probation Is a Valuable Opportunity to Avoid Jail Time.

Probation represents an opportunity to avoid jail time and remain a productive member of society. If you receive a probated sentence for a crime, consider yourself lucky. Aside from an initial arrest, you’ve avoided jail time for a crime that could easily have led to incarceration. Many people fail to succeed with this opportunity, however, and find themselves locked up with no credit for time served. In order to make the most of your sentence, follow these tips.

Stay in Communication

A successful stint of probation depends a great deal on your communication and general relationship with a supervising officer. If anything affects your residential or job status, or if you change your phone number or cannot make a scheduled appointment, make sure to tell your officer right away. Clear communication can save you from unfortunate misunderstandings, and keep you in your officer’s good graces.

Do Not Use Illegal Substances

Most types of probation come with some requirement for drug testing. If you’ve been convicted of an alcohol-related offense, you can generally count on testing for that substance as well. Failed drug tests represent one of the main avenues back to jail for a probationer. You should also never try to “out-guess” a drug test, as different varieties of testing can detect substances for extended periods of time.

Understand Your Requirements

If you overlook a requirement of your probation, you will find yourself in trouble. It remains the responsibility of every probationer to fully understand their arrangement, its terms, and its requirements. This can include drug testing, community service, monthly payments, and more. Stay on top of these things, and remember to ask your probation officer for clarity if anything seems confusing.

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