How Bail Works

scales of justice behind gavelAfter a person has been arrested for a crime, he or she goes through the booking process at the police station. This is the time when they are fingerprinted and photographed for a mug shot. Their personal property is taken for holding, and they are usually allowed one phone call. They will then be placed behind bars.

In certain cases, the suspect will be able to post bail soon after being booked. Other times, he or she will need to wait about 48 hours for a bail hearing, where the bail amount is set by the judge.

How is the bail amount set? The judge will take into consideration many factors, including the severity of the crime, the defendant’s criminal record, ties to the community and whether the person seems to be a danger to the community, among other things.

If the bail is set at an amount that the person can’t afford, this is most often when a bail bondsman can help. The defendant (or a loved one) will pay a percentage of the total bail to the agent, who will then pay the entire amount, ensuring that the person will show up for the appointed court date. If the defendant doesn’t appear, the bail agent has the authority to find him or her and get refunded for the full amount of bail. (If he or she does appear in court as required, the bail agent gets the bail back from court, but keeps the percentage from the defendant; that is their fee for services.)

These are the basics about how bail works in Sacramento. Cut Loose, a professional bail bonds agency, is here to help you or a loved one 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us anytime!

Licensed, professional bail

lights on a cop carCut Loose Bail Bonds, which is located in Placer County near the freeway for fast access to area jails, is here to help you get a friend or family member out of jail quickly to prevent the person from losing a job. When dealing with these situations, you should always go with a licensed agency; our license number is 1845632.

Getting bailed out of jail, depending on the crime, is your right as a citizen of the United States. This is important because in some cases, your court case or trial could be scheduled months after the arrest. So being locked up for all of that time hinders your ability to live normally, make a living and to work toward resolving your case.

At Cut Loose Bail Bonds, we fully understand that sitting behind bars without the comfort of friends or loved ones can be a horrible experience. We’re here to help! If you want our assistance or simply would like to know more about how bail works in Sacramento, our bail bonds agency has the answers.