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Bail amounts are set by the judge following an arrest for criminal charges. When the bail price is too high for your or loved ones to pay out of pocket, you can call Cut Loose Bail Bonds for bail bonds in Pacifica, CA. Bail bonds allow you to make bail and pay the bail bonding company a lower amount of money, generally 10% of the original bail amount. This can be extremely helpful as it let you regain your freedom sooner than you might otherwise. If you wait too long to post bail, you might lose your employment. Dial 916-663-2245 when you require expert bail bonds in Pacifica, CA.

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There are many advantages to hiring Cut Loose Bail Bonds as your bail bondsman in Pacifica, CA. With our knowledge of the laws about bail, we guarantee that we will be able to get you freed from jail quickly. As professionals in the bonding industry, our staff offers our services free of judgments or speculations. For the finest customer service you’ve ever experienced at a bail bonding agency, call 916-663-2245, or click on the pages below for additional information.

  • Assault Bail Assault charges generally involve the threat of violence against someone, where as battery charges involve physical violence against someone.
  • Drug Charge Bail One of the factors that the judge will take into consideration when setting bail for a drug charge is the kind of drug involved in the situation.
  • DUI Bail Contact our office right away if you or a loved one have been arrested on charges of DUI.
  • Felony Bail We won’t judge any client posting bail for felony charges.
  • Misdemeanor Bail If you are facing misdemeanor charges, the court may waive bail on your case.
  • Theft Charge Theft is defined as purposefully steeling the property of another person with no intention to return it.
  • Weapons Violation A weapons violation can be about either a knife or a gun.

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We provide professional services for bail bonds 24/7. We provide the fastest services to post your bail and get you released from custody. Our professional staff has years of expertise posting bail, and we understand all laws surrounding several distinct types of bail. If you find yourself needing bail bonds in Pacifica, CA, contact our office at 916-663-2245. Our certified bondsman will work with a completely professional attitude to get you released on bond as quickly as possible.

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When you or a loved one have been taken into custody on criminal charges, it may feel like you’ll never be able to make bail. Fortunately, the process for posting bail isn’t difficult, especially if you hire a bail bondsman in Pacifica, CA. A bail bondsman is there to help with your release from custody after the court has set the bail price. As the bail price is set, the judge will take many different factors into consideration to determine if the defendant is a flight risk or a possible danger to the community. After you have seen the judge and been given a bail price, be sure to reach out to Cut Loose Bail Bonds as quickly as possible. With such an easy option available to get bail posted, there is no reason for you or your loved one to remain in custody. Call 916-663-2245 to begin your bail posting process right away.