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Regain Your Freedom With Professional Services from a Bail Bonding Company.

Hiring an honest bail bonding company is just as important as posting bail in the first place. For trustworthy, professional bonding services, you cannot go wrong with Cut Loose Bail Bonds. Part of our commitment to quality customer services is to be sure we never pass judgment, but treat our clients with dignity. Our commitment is to post bail and set you free with your dignity intact. If you or your family member needs honest services from a bail bonding company in Butte County, CA, call our office at 916-663-2245. Let us assist you in getting your life back to normal.

Speak with a Bail Bonding Company in Your Area?

Our staff has connections at the main jail in Butte County, CA, but we can also post bail at any local jail within the area. Wherever we have to go to set you free, we guarantee the same professional service every single time. More information about the specific services our bail bonding company provides in your area is available on the links below or by calling 916-663-2245.

Regardless of the type of crime you have been charged with, Cut Loose Bail Bonds is able to help you post bail. We know all the details and laws about posting bail for both felony and misdemeanor charges. Our staff takes our role as a bail bonding company in Butte County, CA very seriously, which is why we will help you get your freedom back without passing judgment. Why stay in jail when you could have your freedom and be planning your defense. Give us a call at 916-663-2245 and get out of jail quickly.

County Jail and Court Information

Butte County Jail
33 County Center Dr,
Oroville, CA 95965
(530) 538-7471

Butte County Court