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A Bail Bondsman Is There to Post Bail When You Cannot Afford to Post It for Yourself.

If you have been arrested, it can feel as though you are on your own and there is no way out of jail until after the trial is over. Trials can take a while to be completed and if you can’t go to work until it’s over, you have a high risk of losing your job. As a bail bondsman in Roseville, CA Cut Loose Bail Bonds is here to help prevent that from happening by doing the necessary paperwork to get you or a loved one out of jail and back to normal life as quickly as possible. Being out of jail also allows you to start working on your case, gathering evidence and working with an attorney in order to build a strong defense. We have contacts within many judicial districts in the area. Our office is located in Placer County, near the freeway, so we can get around various counties quickly to help you. If you are looking for a reliable bail bondsman in Roseville, CA, call our office at 916-663-2245.

Receive Professional Services for Bail Bonds

The agents at Cut Loose Bail Bonds are highly trained in all aspects of California law as it pertains to the bail process. When you call us needing to hire a bail bondsmen, we will treat you with the highest level of professionalism and dignity. As a company offering bail bonds in the Roseville, CA area, we pride ourselves on being non-judgemental and providing the best services for our clients. Whether you’ve been arrested on charges of a felony, misdemeanor or weapons violation, we will post your bail with no questions asked. For more information, or to speak with one of our agents today, call our office at 916-663-2245.

Person in Jail Needing to Hire a Bail Bondsman

Hiring a Bail Bondsman Can Get You Out Jail Quickly.

If you’ve been arrested and need to hire a bail bondsman to post your bail, it is a good idea for you to know how bail bonds work. First of all, bail is an amount of money that is paid to the court to ensure that the person charged with the crime will come to their trial if released from jail before the trial starts. If you are the person being charged and can’t afford to pay the bail price, you can hire a bail bondsman, such as Cut Loose Bail Bonds. A bail bondsman usually charges a client a percentage of the set bail amount. However, if the client can’t come up with the specified percentage, in some cases the agency will devise another option, such as a payment plan that allows the total to be paid off over time. If you have questions or concerns about how we process payments for our bail bonds, feel free to reach out to one of the agents on our staff.

Types of Bail

We Can Help You Post Different Types of Bail

Money From a Bail BondsmanCut Loose Bail Bonds offers professional services to assist with many different types of bail in Roseville, CA and the surrounding areas. We offer our services free of judgments and pride ourselves on our excellent levels of customer services for both the defendant and their families. For all your bail bonds needs, our staff is here to help. Call our office at 916-663-2245 to schedule an appointment today or click on the pages below for more information.

  • Assault Bail Assault charges involve the threat of harm to another person, while battery charges involve actual harm to another person.
  • Drug Charge Bail Drug charges can involve illegal substances or the abuse of prescription drugs.
  • DUI Bail DUI charges can be filed for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Felony Bail Felony crimes have a minimum punishment of one year in jail.
  • Misdemeanor Bail You may or may not need to post bail for misdemeanor charges.
  • Theft Charge Theft is defined as the intentional taking of property that does not belong to you.
  • Weapons Violation A weapons violation isn’t protected under the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

How Does Bail Work?

How Does Bail Get Posted?

Hire a Bail BondsmanThanks to the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, citizens in this country have the right to fairness when it comes to setting bail. After an arrest has been made, the defendant goes through the booking process at the police station, where he or she is fingerprinted, photographed and placed behind bars. There may be a window of time before the bail amount is set by a judge, but in other cases, bail is set right away. Several things are taken into consideration when determining the bail amount, including the seriousness of the charges, the person’s criminal background and ties to the community. If the bail amount is too much for the person to pay, a bail bondsman will often step in to help. The bondsman pays the court the full amount of bail, while charging the defendant a percentage, as a fee for services. After those steps have been taken, the defendant will soon be free from jail until his or her court date. The full bail amount that is now in the court’s possession serves as a guarantee that the person will show up. If they do, the money is given back to the bail agency. If you need assistance posting your bail and want an honest bail bondsman in Roseville, CA, call Cut Loose Bail Bonds at 916-663-2245.

Jumping Bail

What Happens If You Jump Bail

Call Our Office To Hire a Bail BondsmanIf you or a loved one post bail and then fail to show up for your court appearance, it’s known as jumping bail. If this happens, the bail goes into default and will not be returned to the individual or bail bondsman, such as Cut Loose Bail Bonds, who posted it. Notice will be sent to the bail bondsman or agency to alert them that bail is now in default. The court will issue a warrant for the arrest of the defendant and may grant a 90 day grace period, during which time the defendant may be brought into custody and the bail will be returned to the bail bondsman in full. Under the state laws of California, the bail bond company can hire a bounty hunter or fugitive recovery to find the defendant and turn them in for the return of the bail money. The bail bond company also has the legal right to sue the defendant for breach of contract. If you have concerns or would like more information about working with a bail bondsman in Roseville, CA, call our office at 916-663-2245.

Felony Bail Services

Do You Need to Hire a Bail Bondsmen

When You Need a Bail Bondsman to Post Bail for a Felony Charge, Call Our Office.

Being arrested on a felony charge can be a serious matter, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You have a legal right to arrange for bail and to be free again as quickly as possible. Our bail agents are in the business of arranging for people to get out of jail. In Roseville, CA, felonies are usually offenses that come with sentences of at least a year in jail. They often have higher bail prices, and sometimes no bail is set at all. If you’ve been arrested and need help posting felony bail in Roseville, CA, Cut Loose Bail Bonds is here to help. We offer our professional services 24/7. While felonies are incredibly serious, just because you’ve been charged with a crime that could be considered a felony, that doesn’t automatically mean that it will be tried as a felony. California has a stipulation that allows for some crimes to be downgraded to “wobbler” status, which means the crime could be prosecuted as either a felony or a misdemeanor, based on factors such as criminal history.

Reliable Misdemeanor Bail Services

As you probably know, a misdemeanor is considered a lesser offense than a felony. A misdemeanor conviction carries with it a punishment of no more than one year behind bars and fines of around $1,000. If you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor, you will likely be sentenced to probation, and you may not even need bail at all for this charge. If you do have to post bail and have questions about how to arrange misdemeanor bail in Roseville, CA call Cut Loose Bail Bonds now. We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will quickly arrange for you, a friend or a loved one to get out of jail. We accept all major credit cards and offer the lowest legal rates in California, so let a reliable bondsman help you out!

Posting DUI Bail

Concept of a DUI

As a Local Bail Bondsman, We Offer Services to Help You Post DUI Bail.

There are two categories of driving under the influence. You could be driving under the influence of drugs or under the influence of alcohol. Both instances can get you arrested. In fact, it doesn’t take that much alcohol in your system to warrant being taken into custody, as the legal blood alcohol limit is .08%. If you’ve been arrested on a DUI charge and need to post DUI bail in Roseville, CA, let the bail bondsmen at Cut Loose Bail Bonds help. We offer professional bail bonds to ensure that you don’t have to wait for your trial to start sitting behind bars. Our staff is completely professional and we offer our services free of judgments. Give us a call at 916-663-2245 if you want to schedule an appointment for your or a loved one today.

Let A Local Bondsman Post Your Bail

Regardless of the crime that you are being charged with, you have the Constitutional right to await your trial in freedom. As a bail bondsman in Roseville, CA, the staff at Cut Loose Bail Bonds is committed to helping you pay the price for your bail. You may think that working with a bail bondsman to post bail seems complicated, but we work hard to make it smooth and easy. Contact our office at 916-663-2245 to schedule an appointment today. We guarantee quality customer service and a professional demeanor.